Located in the heart of the Normandy-Maine Regional Natural Park, near a 11th century abbey classified
Historical monument, we are a family biscuit factory born from craftmanship. This identity explains our values
and our corporate culture driven by a genuine Sustainable Development policy.


Innovate constantly by ensuring the quality and the proximity of the ingredients.

We have always been driven by this desire to reconcile passion, respect for the profession and creation. We are committed to Normandy and regional suppliers: Norman wheat four, butter and PDO Isigny cream, caramel, camembert…


Develop professional equality, skills and friendliness.

We are a company with a human dimension, which contributes to enhance the friendliness and self development. In addition, by studying with precision each post, we strive to reduce work difficulty.

To respect the environment.

Located in the heart of a preserved environment, we
want to reduce our ecological footprint. This is why we are committed to reducing our packaging. For each new product, we assess its environmental impact.
For example, thanks to the new tray and cardboard box format of Les Sablés d'Antan, we have reduced the carbon impact by 11%.

Being supportive.

La Biscuiterie de l’Abbaye offers its support to several humanitarian, cultural and sports associations, through strong and sustainable partnerships. For more than 20 years, we are partners of Madagascar Solidarity Association, which helps the malagasy population and contributes to agricultural education on the island.